My Story

Hand Made Knife Maker


I have always been interested in crafts: leather work, woodwork, wrought iron,
metal work and wood sculpting.

I started knife making early in 2015 when I
retired from farming sheep and cattle. Within a few months I had made twelve knives for the Sydney knife show, where I won the encouragement award (for enthusiasm).

I now know why those knives are still collecting dust on a shelf.

I am quite isolated where I live in country Australia, so have taken every opportunity to improve my skills by taking courses with various Mastersmiths;

  • Shaun McIntyre
  • David Lisch
  • Rodrigo Sfreddo
  • and Kyle Royer.


I started engraving in 2017 and have done courses with

  • Gabriel Owen of Australian Jewellery Institute
  • Barry Lee Hands
  • and Sam Alfano.


I have won several awards at Australian knife shows, two best of show, one Art knife, one best Damascus and one best forged knife.

I like to make unusual knives, try new ideas, push my comfort zone and challenge my skill level. I rarely make the same knife twice and avoid making commission knives.